Tortoise Shape Sorter

Feed the tortoise with lovely shapes


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The Tortoise Shape Sorter is so cute and he is waiting to be played with!

The tortoise contains 5 classic pieces to fit through the wholes and a lid that lifts up to collect them again. But best of all, his head bobs when you push against it giving real character!

This is a new range of Rubber Wood toys. Rubber wood is a wonderful material – soft and lovely to touch, it is also from a sustainable source and it never chips. This means that we see these toys lasting and lasting, how ever many times they are played with. We love the quality of this range, beautiful colours and designs that really work for children.

A classic toy, well made with lovely colours.

  • They can touch and feel every part of the toy
  • The colours are beautiful
  • They can play with it over and over again

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