Up To The Stars

Up, up and away…


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Up To The Stars – and further!

Build your own wooden rocket with this gorgeous set discs. Each of the 15 pieces is slightly smaller in diameter than the previous one, and each has a number on to recognise and then sort in to the right order. With lovely details printed on the wood, and graduating colours, this rocket is going far.

Of course, knocking it over is just as much fun! Lots of games to play here – sorting of numbers, stacking to make the tallest tower possible and experimenting with the pieces in the wrong order to see how far you can go. The actual rocket measures 48cm when it is fully built, with a capsule on the top for take off.

A really beautiful and long lasting present for any child to enjoy.

  • They can build and build upwards
  • The pieces are beautifully made
  • It all comes tumbling down afterwards

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