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If you love an old movie on a rainy afternoon, this is the model for you. A Vitascope that will play a reel of actual film!

Start by slotting the laser cut pieces of wood together – supplied with everything you need and really good instructions that will take you step by step. The model has a hand crank which will roll a real piece of film through the projector, creating a comedy sketch that will run and run. A dark room is required to show the film, and if you have other films from way back when, they can also be shown. A great building project and a view of the past which is an insight into a world that we may have forgotten.

The building project will take between 4-8 hours to complete and is clearly one for someone who has done some building previously. Recommended at 14+, this might be a great present for an older child. Completely fascinating to watch.

  • The end product is really impressive
  • They will want to show everyone what they have done
  • The instructions are really clear

This video will give you an idea of the motion:

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