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Walk The Dog – find just the right way to keep your dog happy!

This is a logic and thinking game from Smart Games with 80 challenges, each progressively more difficult than the last! The rules are simple – a dog may not be next to another dog, or a cat – for obvious reasons! When walking, each dog needs to be stretched to the end of the leash and of course, the leases may not cross over or there would be chaos. Sounds simple.

Each level starts with a map showing where some of the dogs are and the other obstacles. By working out where these are in relation to the other pieces, you will be able to deduce where everyone is in the park. However, as you move through the levels, the clues become less helpful with more thinking required. Just follow the rules and all the dogs will have a lovely day!

A great one player game that can also be played with friends – so much thinking required!!!

  • The rules are simple to learn but complex to apply
  • The challenges get harder each time
  • They can invent their own challenges too

This short video shows  the game in action:

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