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Walking T-Rex

It walks!


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Product Recommended age: 8+


A walking T-Rex – who said that they were extinct?

This is a sound activitated wooden kit to build. With 80 pieces, that slot together with no need for any glue, this is a 3D puzzle with great instructions. Once build, add the batteries and then clap your hands – 1 clap will make the T-Rex walk, 2 will make it turn right and 3 claps will make it turn left.

A really clever kit with a major pay off – you can make it walk! Our cat loves this – follows it around the living room! Clear and easy to do, this is a great model to play with. The product states 12+ on the box, but feedback suggests that children 8+ will be fine with this, with a little supervision.

  • The T-Rex walks!
  • The instructions are easy to follow
  • The roar is great fun!

This video will give you more of an idea:

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