Walls And Warriors

Protect the castle to solve the puzzle…


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Walls And Warriors – a strategy game that will get you thinking!

This game gives you a set up for the board to start with – there are blue knights, who are your friends, and red knights who are attacking the castle. Your job is to create the castle by positioning the four walls provided onto the board. All the blue knights – your friends – must be safely within the walls. Sounds easy? There are 80 levels to complete in this game and as you move through the challenges, they get more and more difficult!

This is a game that can take many frustrating, but fun, hours of thinking, and the higher levels are completely challenging. Presented in a great format, the company will guarantee to replace any lost parts, as they are all needed to make the game work. If you can’t solve the problems, the pieces are also great fun to play with! The answers are also provided!

  • There are 80 levels to solve
  • They get more and more difficult
  • They can challenge other people to solve the ones that they have completed

This video will show you the game in action:

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