Wax Painting Aquarium

A wonderful painting technique to enjoy.


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Wax Painting Aquarium is a wonderful way to start painting. If you love to paint and want children to love it too, this is a wonderful way to start. Beautiful fishes to swim away – what colour will your ones be?

Aquarellum uses wax to ensure that you paint exactly where you want to paint. Each picture has a precise outline on the waxed paper – if you paint over the top, it will simply repel the inks. This means that you can’t go over the lines and all the colours are kept separate by the delicate lines of wax on each picture. As you are using inks rather than paints, they dry quickly and you can reapply the colours, building up tones and details.

Everything you need is included – the brush, the inks, the mixing palette and information on colour mixing and each box has four large pictures to complete. For complete beginners, just wash over the paper and see what happens. For more advanced painters, mix and select colours as you and paint each section separately to build up the picture.

The pictures you create will look so professional – giving children a real feeling of achievement and looking great wherever you display them.

  • Everyone can do this style of painting
  • They can be as detailed or as messy as they like
  • The colours will always look great
  • There are four large pictures to complete

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