Who Did It?

There is a mess on the carpet – but who did it?


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Who Did It? We need to know! Which of the animals in the house left a little present for us to clear up?

Yes, this is a game about who did a poo on the carpet – not the most lovely of ideas, but a great game that children will love!

Start with a collection of animals – the cards are really beautifully drawn. As each person makes a claim for the innocence of their pet, the other players have to rush to add cards to the pile. They then need to accuse other players – I think that your pet did the poo on the carpet! However, in order to do this successfully, you have to remember who has been accused already, who is holding which cards and where they are. Accuse the wrong player and your card cannot be played – looks like it was your pet that did the poo on the carpet!

This is a fast paced and well designed game. Oh, and when you lose a round, you get a charming poo symbol to collect. Disgusting? Yes. Fun? Definitely!

  • The game is quick to learn and play
  • It is different every time so you really have to remember
  • The poo is, well, poo!


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