Who Did This Poo?

Can you remember who’s poo is who’s?


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Who did this poo? Not a question that you perhaps want to ask, but in this game, it is essential to know!

This fun memory and spotting game is all about poo. Wombat poo, ant poo, elephant poo – you name it, we have it! Surprisingly informative, the box contains small cards with pictures of animals and another set of cards showing their poo. Turn them face down and see if you can remember where each card is so that you can make a match. The book that comes with it tells you all about the different types of poo – you will never guess how much diversity of poo there is!

We love this game – it brings a subject that many children find fascinating right to the forefront, with cute illustrations that don’t smell! The cards are strong and robust and you will quickly be playing a poo game! When you know all the facts and information, try sorting the cards in different ways – poo from mammals, poo from birds, the largest poo etc. Endless poo fun!

  • There are lots of different types of poo
  • Each of the poos are illustrated and there are cute animals pictures too
  • The cards are strong and sturdy and easy to play with

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