Best Family Games 2018

Whirligig Toys - Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Whirligig loves to play and get the whole family involved. This year, we’ve been really enjoying these games and thought we’d put together our 10 best family games to give you some new ideas.

We hope you like them!

I Saw It First! Jungle

Eagle eyes are needed for this fast-paced spotting game. With 300 beautifully drawn animals and a double sided hexagonal board that changes every time you play the game, the children are likely to win this one!

Prickly Pile-Up!

This is all about the balancing act! With cute wooden porcupines, who can build the tallest wall? The porcupines are specially designed to stack together so younger children can play easily. Once you build it, can you remove them without the wall collapsing?

Sleeping Queens

A card game full of majesty! The queens are sleeping, but you can wake them up by dealing in a clever way. Decide when it’s your time to take the crown by revealing your hand and waking up all the queens. A fun game that is easy to learn but is different every time you play.

Ocean Bingo 

A classic game with a new underwater twist! With 64 different creatures from the deep to find, up to 12 people can join in and make their lines and full houses. An attractive family game that introduces everyone to sealife from around the world.

Robot Rampage

Skill and determination win this popular game. Wooden pieces are ‘pinged’ through the small gap in the board to invade the other side – first person to get them all through wins the intergalactic contest. But who will take the crown overall? A fast-paced and silly game that is more difficult than it looks!

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Dogs everywhere – and just who do they look like? A great collection of 25 dogs and their owners who have an uncanny resemblance to each other! Play a matching pairs game to remember where they are. A wonderful collection of photos that every dog owner will love.


There are 10 different games in one with this great dice game pack. With 40 dice to play with, roll and reroll to get the right combinations and be the first to complete the set! With so many dice, this game is crying out for you to invent your own rules – a great one for taking with you on holidays.


A game of visual dexterity. Match the wooden pieces to the shape cards by turning them and positioning them correctly – the first to finish wins! With four sets, everyone can play against each other. There are three different levels of play for the more competitive members of the family.

Story Box – Animal Adventures

Tell a story together as a family with this wonderfully illustrated set of 20 puzzle pieces. You decide where the story starts, what happens along the way and how it ends. Just tell a fantastic story, or award points for the longest words, the silliest outcome or the most inventive twists.


Twist and turn the pieces until they fit into the grid. With 60 levels to complete, the whole family will be thinking they have the right idea, but who can see the solutions first? A wonderful spatial puzzle that you may never finish but will have fun trying.

The best family games are all about getting involved and having a go – we hope our selection gives you some fresh ideas and games that the whole family will enjoy together.

Our top tips for getting everyone involved (even the grumpy one who says that they don’t want to play!):

  • Start off easy – let everyone win at least once
  • Recognise that the children will be better than you at some of these games – they have younger eyes, have spent less time getting the house ready for the party and are just quicker!
  • Give incentives!
  • Let the reluctant person read the rules on their own before the box is opened
  • If all else fails, we find a glass in one hand makes the game more fun!

We love to hear about your best family games – send us some ideas!

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