Stickers – a waste of time????

Stickers – children seem to love them and there are certainly many of them around. We are sure that there are probably some stuck somewhere that you would rather not have them in your house. However, stickers can be the gateway to other activities. This blog looks at the world of stickers with ideas of how to use them to move into other activities and develop their skills through this simple activity.


Dinosaurs Rule!

We Love Dinosaurs

For many of you, dinosaurs rule are very much part of every day life. Whilst you may not spot them from the bus, they are there at bedtime, you house may be full of them and like many of us, you are probably still trying to remember which one is which. For many children, the dinosaur obsession is also the first time that they really learn and remember a set of facts with an amazing capacity to recall them, in great detail! We have been thinking about how we can make the most of our dinosaur friends.


Balancing Acts

Whirligig Toys - Stacking Animals

Balancing is fun! But how do you get good at it? Whilst we are not all going to be trapese artists, children love the feeling of being in control and being able to play with the smaller things in life. Here are our recommendations of toys and games that we love that are also great for developing balance skills.


Through the eye of a needle – how to get your child into sewing

We all (hopefully) did it when we were young and most of remember the first toy that we made and probably still have it in the loft. It is one of those craft skills that has a practical application and can also create marvelous memories and inspire a lifetime of fun. So, how to get children started and how to move the forward – even it we have forgotten how to do it ourselves!