Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas – 7-8 Year Olds

Whirligig Toys Christmas Gift Ideas 7-8 Year Olds

Yes, Christmas is coming, and at Whirligig, we have been busy researching and have some wonderful gift ideas for 7-8 year old children.

Such an important decision to make! This is the age when children can get really involved in a project, can enjoy a new passion and really want to have other members of the family involved.

We hope these give you some ideas for the important people in your family…

Whirligig Toys I Made This Robot
Whirligig Toys I Made This Djeco Glitterart

Whirligig specialises in ‘things to make and do’ – creative toys that really engage children.

Christmas is an ideal time for this – make space to spread out, start something that you can do for a short time and then go back to, and something that they can do on their own when everything else is just too busy.

We think that they will love these…


This is an investigation of earthquakes. The kit comes with a vibrating plate – you can alter the duration, the intensity and the wave pattern of the earthquake, but the challenge is to build the highest and the most stable tower possible.

Everyone will have an opinion. Measure how long your tower lasts, how high it can get and how much weight it can carry. Investigate the variables and have fun as it tumbles to the ground! £29.99

Whirligig Toys - Aftershock1
Whirligig Toys - Glow In The Dark TShirt1

Glow In The Dark T-Shirts

Perfect fun. The UV light torch will create a bright image which will last for up to 5 minutes before you can draw again. Play naughts and crosses, create amazing designs and draw on each other.

Perfect for Christmas afternoon when it gets dark – put it on over a jumper and go outside! £14.99

Sew A Puppy

Here is a little making project which will end up with a loveable friend that they can keep. Really simple sewing – just stuff the back and close up the seam with a child friendly needle and pre-cut holes.

Get them started and leave them to it – should be done within a short time and then they will want to try the next craft project. £12.99

Whirligig Toys - Sew A Puppy2
Whirligig Toys - T-Rex Head 1

Terrible T-Rex Head

This head will be a great addition to any bedroom. Just slot the pieces together to create a wonderful 3D design – no glue is required.

A great starting point for a project, or you could just add it to your Christmas decorations – a T-Rex with tinsel? Why not! £9.99

Secret Message Set

Find a friend that you trust, send them your darkest secrets that only they can read. The UV pen will reveal what you have written, but only the person who knows how to look will find it. Perfect for Secret Santa! £3.99

Whirligig Toys - Secret Agent Pen Set2
Whirligig Toys - Backlight Art1

Backlight Art Kit

Sit down and relax with an art kit where all the difficult work is done for you!

Blend and mix colours to make your background and then stick the amazing paper cuts on top to make a piece of art that looks really polished! £14.99


Whilst not everyone loves them, they are fascinating creatures!

Build your own wooden one, paint it in some festive colours and add it to the celebrations, before reading the book to discover all their amazing secrets. £7.99

Whirligig Toys - Build A Spider1
Whirligig Toys - World's Smallest Microscope2

World’s Smalles Microscope

Discover exactly what is hiding in the Christmas pudding, what secrets there are in presents and just exactly what Grandpa’s beard is full of.

This powerful microscope is perfect for taking anywhere and investigating exactly what is going on! £6.99

I Saw It First Ocean

A game that 7-8 year olds are ideally placed to win, everytime. 300 beautiful ocean animals are hiding in the picture, on a board that is double sided and different everytime you play. Be the first to spot it to win the card.

Make them work harder by hiding the picture and making them remember what they look like! They will still win… £19.99

Whirligig Toys - I Saw It First Ocean1
Whirligig Toys - Roald Dahl Splendiferous Storytelling Dice1

Roald Dahl’s Splendiferous Story Dice

If they have loved all the stories and characters, mix things up. What would happen if Charlie met Matilda and if the chocolate factory switched to making Christmas dinners?

Everyone can get involved in adding a new twist to a much loved story. £12.99

Flags of the World Jigsaw

Jigsaws are such a lovely Christmas tradition and this one has so many amazing colours to find. With 300 pieces, it’s a perfect challenge, that takes as long as it takes to complete, although everyone will want to join in.

Set up a quiet table and try not to finish it after the children have gone to bed, even if you really want to! £9.99

Whirligig Toys - Flags Of The World Jigsaw1
Whirligig Toys - Unicorns To Press Out & Decorate1

Press Out And Decorate Unicorns

Who says we have to have traditional Christmas decorations this year? This book of unicorns and their friends will turn itself into bunting and mobiles, just press out and then string the pieces together.

A lovely colouring and creating pack for children to do on their own or with friends – there are so many unicorns to build! £9.99

Mini Marble Runs

Frantic little machines full of wonder. These are clip together designs which you can make in just a few minutes, but which will entertain for ages.

Little ball bearings flying around wheels, down slides and round again – fascinating! £6.99

Whirligig Toys - Nano Marble Run2

We hope that you like the suggestions in our Christmas Gift Guide for 7-8 year olds.

Here  are our top tips:

  • They are going to remember this Christmas, perhaps the first one that really stands out for them, so make sure that they take time when opening the presents – make a list, remember the moment of opening rather than just the big pile
  • Make some space – they are going to want to have a go quite soon after they have opened the present – nothing worse that having to wait for a table to be free
  • Make some time for them to choose – they will have received so many exciting new things and some of them will be top of the list, whilst others will be discovered again later on
  • Plan your favourite – you are wrapping them up, and know what is coming – if there is something that you really want to play with, make sure that this present gets opened at just the right time
  • Get everyone involved – they may be little, but their presents will be one that everyone will want to play with – let them be in charge of the games night, nobody will mind!

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and that you and your family get some amazing presents.

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