Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas – 5-6 Year Olds

Whirligig Toys - Christmas Gift Ideas for 5-6 Year Olds

Welcome to Christmas 2020 – we hope you are getting excited. We could all do with some joy to spread this year!

Such an important age – perhaps the first Christmas when they really understand what is going on, put together their own wish lists and get as excited as possible about the big day!

If you have a 5-6 year old to look out for this year, we have ideas for you to think about.

Whirligig Toys - I Made This Sportscar
Whirligig Competition Winner

Whirligig specialises in ‘things to make and do’ – gifts that really engage children.

Below are some of our favourites for your age group – toys that will not be used up in 5 minutes and then forgotten, toys that everyone can join in with and toys that will give them new experiences and hobbies for the future.

Enjoy choosing – these are just some of the great ideas we have to share this season…

Pom Pom Puppies

Beautiful, tactile pictures to make. No need to worry about messy glue or careful sticking here – just peel away the sticky pad and reveal the glue and then focus on making the perfect arrangement of pom poms.

With three pictures to create and hundreds of colourful pieces to use, everyone will be unique and it will keep them entertained for ages.


Whirligig Toys - Pom Pom Dogs1
Whirligig Toys - Build and Play Pirate Ship 2

Pirate Ship Construction Kit

Make an amazing model with the flexible building material. The set comes with all the tools you need to connect the shapes and clear instructions, but, just to help, some of the pieces are really bendy, allowing you to connect them together easily and build your boat.

A really tactile experience – if the children are not quite ready, you can have the pleasure of building it, before they unmake it and build it again.


Red Riding Hood Game

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf! This amazing logic and thinking skills game for 4-7 year olds starts off with the classic story and pieces to play with.

When you are ready, there are 48 challenges to complete. You just need to find the roads for Little Red to walk down to Grandma’s house, but at night, the wolf is out, and he needs to get their first to dress up as Grandma, so his road will be shorter. Perfect problem solving fun.


Whirligig Toys - Red Riding Hood 1
Whirligig Toys - Magic Painting Book

Magic Painting

A classic from our childhood, just as relevant today. Just brush water across the page to reveal all the colours – no edges to worry about.

A lovely art activity that every child can do with bright colours that will come through. Just add water!


Match The Bones

If your family has gone dinosaur crazy, this is the perfect game. A set of cards showing the dinosaurs and another showing their skeletons. Find the matching cards, or turn them over and remember where they are.

An amazing little book shows you all the vital information and even how to pronounce all the names (very useful for the grown ups!)


Whirligig Toys - Match The Bones1
Whirligig Toys - Who's Hiding1

Who’s Hiding In The Jungle

This is a speed game that relys on how fast you can match and process the information – the children may well win! Really rich pictures of amazing creatures hiding in complex jungle settings – one, and only one, of the animals is in both pictures.

Stunning illustrations and new animals to discover – perfect.


Multi-level Snakes and Ladders

Take a classic game to a new level with this large and interactive version of the well loved game.

Really fall down the snakes and climb to the top of the board to win.


Giant Snakes & Ladders - Whirligig Toys
Whirligig Toys - Poo Bingo1

Poo Bingo

You will know more about poo than  you ever wanted to with this popular and fun family game. All animals create it, including us, and children are more than happy to talk about it.

Collect the animals and their poo to create a line or a full house. The whole family can talk about poo together!


The Amazing Animal Adventure

This large book is full of discovery. A journey around the globe, and in each location, you get to meet all the animals that live there. Each page is a rich illustration with a seek, find and count activity.

See if you can spot them all and learn a little about each amazing creature.


Whirligig Toys - Amazing Animal Adventure 1
Whirligig Toys - Glow In The Dark TShirt1

Glow In The Dark T-Shirts

Perfect fun – a UV pen that you can draw on yourself with. Each image will last for approximately 5 minutes before you can draw, and draw again.

Bright colours, easy to wash and endless creativity – a great combination.


So, Christmas is definitely coming. We hope you have a few good ideas from here, there are more gifts to review in our shops and online.

Here are our top tips:

  • Keep things short – there is so much going on at Christmas, so if games last hours, the everyone can be a little fed up. Play the same game several times rather than one long one.
  • Make some space – if they are going to get heaps of new things to look at, they like to spread them out and see them all so that they can choose where to start.
  • Make some time – if there are lots of new games in the house, but everyone is busy getting on with the next thing, smaller children can forget about the exciting things that they opened. Schedule some games time.
  • Learn the rules – if you are giving a new game, open up the box before you wrap it and have a good read so that you know how to play before they do – saves lots of time!
  • Be excited with them – they are going to love it, you are allowed to as well. Everything else can wait!

We hope you have an amazing Christmas and that your children love what they receive.

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