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Getting it right for a 10 year old at Christmas is important – they remember! And they have strong opinions and inevitably, a peer group who also have opinions!

But, you don’t have to follow the crowd and buy the latest TV advertised plastic gadget – children who are 10, or thereabouts, are savvy enough to know when you they have been given the obvious present – they want to feel that you have selected something just grown up enough for them, recognising the special status as ‘I’m almost grown up now!’

So, the challenge is on. How do we find something that is cool enough to be liked by the 10 year old you are buying for, whilst still being something suitable for a child, that you will also want to play with?

We hope we are going so solve some problems.

We have come up with 10 ideas that we think that 10 year olds will find COOL this Christmas!

We’ve enjoyed playing with them – we think that they will too…

Glow In The Dark T Shirt – £14.99

These are amazing! Supplied with a lanyard torch, and also working with your mobile phone torch, these are the brightest glow in the dark tshirts that we have ever seen. Your drawing will last approximately five minutes in the dark before fading away and allowing a new design. Play hangman, noughts and crosses, or go to the school disco in them?

They wash really well and are great fun – perfect for a dark evening in winter when you still want to go outside. Very cool!

Squishy Human Body – £19.99

This model of a human body has real squishy parts that you can extract with a tweezers or forceps. Unpack the body and then learn how to reconstruct it to make a new version. With an excellent information book that goes into great detail and parts that are suitably revolting, we think that children will find this fascinating and will delight in knowing what is really going on inside.

Engenius Perpetual Marble Run – £29.99

This is a great design that is made with no glue or cutting out. Within approximatley 2 hours, you will have a fully working marble run, complete with a motor and battery pack, that will fascinate the whole family. Really clear instructions and solid, laser cut pieces, mean that a 10 year old will complete this project on their own with little help and guidance.

The end product looks amazing and will result in some very proud builders.

Cobra Paw Game – £14.99

Practice your ninja skills with this great family game. Two dice contain wierd symbols – roll them and quickly spot the playing piece that matches and then ninja the piece towards you in one accurate strike. Continue to play, but watch out for repetition – if the combination is rolled again, you need to protect your pieces quickly with another ninja action!

A great game, similar to Mahjong, but presented with all the attitude of a ninja cat – the children are likely to beat you everytime!

Build Your Own Music Box – £19.99

This is a wonderful range of construction kits that have an impressive outcome. Following the instructions, slot and glue the intricate pieces together to build each section and then add in the mechnical musical element to complete the design. Each has a moving elements and all are clockwork, so no batteries are required.

These products are labelled 14+ due to the smaller parts, but we have had great success with children around 10 with a little guidance. A project that shows that they can really achieve something.

Tiny Baking – £14.99

Follow what has been an internet sensation by giving them a tiny baking set. With tiny implements including rolling pins, over gloves and measuring spoons, this is the way to make miniature cupcakes, muffins, pizzas and a whole range of recipes. Excellent recipes are provided by the hamsters who are in charge of everything – just supply a tiny amount of ingredients!

A great way for children to explore and make something that their friends will really want to have. Also look out for the Tiny Science and Tiny Robots kits!

Moon Puzzle – £15.99

This year has all been about the moon and what we achieved 50 years ago. Here is a jigsaw puzzle made with real NASA photos of the moon’s surface to make. There are only 100 pieces – sounds easy – probably the most difficult puzzle we have done in ages!

And huge – the puzzle is cirular and approximately 1 metre across. It also comes with great information about the moon. Perfect for the older children in the house to join in with.

IQ Puzzler Pro – £9.99

With 120 levels of challenge and three different playing boards, this is the ultimate in travel games that children can get lost in. Each puzzle starts with an arrangement of 3D blocks – all you have to do is to work out how to arrange the rest of the pieces to complete the puzzle. The levels get progressively more difficult, with children having far more capacity than the grown ups to complete them.

A great game for a child who has time to spend on their own or with friends. A computer style game that is not online!

Architech Smart House – £39.99

The ultimate design and build house. Start with basic shapes to build your own version of the a house and then wire up all sorts of gadgets from a fireplace to a lift and even a windmill.

There are 20 design and electrical projects to complete in a really engaging set that you can make and remake time and again. This will show them how to wire up the houses and make them into the perfect futuristic home.

Flying Bee – £13.99

And because 10 year olds are still children, here is something that is great fun that everyone in the house will enjoy!

The infrared bee is USB powered, just start him flying and then keep him in the air with your hand – more difficult that it looks. A fun gizmos that the whole family will want to play with.

So, 10 year olds! We hope this gets you started. They love achieving, they love exploring, they love playing and they love receiving great presents.

Here are a few of our tips:

  • Buy something that you want to play with as well – they are far more likely to enjoy it if you are excited as well
  • Don’t be obvious – they have seen the TV adverts and know what is coming, and if you are not a direct family member, the chances are that someone else has bought it already
  • Do be surprising – children still love surprises and much as they say they like to go shopping with the money, it is still fantastic to receive something that they were not expecting
  • Give it time – children can be overwhelmed at Christmas by all the stuff – they may take time to discover just how cool your present is, but they will eventually
  • Duplicate – find something you love and buy it for all the 10 year olds you know – they’ll never know and you can spend the time buying yourself lovely presents as well!

We hope you find something that both of you will like. Let us know…

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