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For many of you, dinosaurs ruling are very much part of every day life. Whilst you may not spot them from the bus, they are there at bedtime, your house may be full of them and like many of us, you’re probably still trying to remember which one is which. And just how do you pronounce that one?

For many children, the dinosaur obsession is also the first time that they really learn and remember a set of facts – and they often have an amazing capacity to recall and retain them, in great detail!

Inspired by a recent conversation with a customer, we’ve been thinking of all our dinosaur-related products how they can be used.

Her daughter knew everything about the most obscure monsters from long, long ago – she had realised that this was a great way into lots of other avenues and was busy finding anything with dinosaurs to fuel the imagination and introduce the little girl to all sorts of other ideas.

Great idea! In our world, dinosaurs rule, and there is so much you can do with them!

Know your stuff!

Yes, there are lots of them and they all have unusual names. Get them wrong…..well, the look of disdain is not worth it!

This amazing little book sends you off on a dinosaur visit to the zoo – each one is hiding in the picture and there are clues to each one. This one has spines like tents on a hill – it is a STEGO-O-SAU-RUS! Showing you how to pronounce each one and with cute colours, this is a great first dinosaur book to have to hand.

Recommended age – 3+


Dinosaur Sewing Kit

Sew your own

Getting started on a dinosaur project is a great next step. These simple sewing kits are great – with pre-cut pieces and holes, they are suitable for complete beginners as they will be able to get really neat stitching.

Nothing better than a toy that you have made yourself – a friend for life!

Recommended age – 3+


Create some colour…

Nobody knows what colour dinosaurs were – therefore, they can be any colour you like! They can even be shiny!

This is a simple to use art kit from Djeco with a wonderful end product. Just peel and stick the shiny tiles, matching the shapes on the picture to add colour to your dinosaur. There is no right or wrong – you can design the way it looks. With two dinosaurs in the pack, they really make a great display for the bedroom.

Recommended age – 6+


Djeco Dinosaur Mosaic
Dinosaur Puppets

Start a conversation…

We also don’t really know what dinosaurs sounded like – maybe they spent all day discussing what they were going to wear tomorrow – who knows?

These dinosaur puppets are a great little project. Just fold and slot together the pieces to make two colourful hand puppets from strong card which have moving mouth pieces. Put on a play or just spend the day roaring at each other – great fun!

Recommended age – 6+


Get some dinosaur logic…

The mystic islands are full of dinosaurs. Unfortunately, if the herbivores and carnivores are on the same one there is going to be trouble!

This is part of our amazing range of logic and thinking games. With 80 different levels to work through, you can create the islands and work out how the dinosaurs are going to be happy. With just six pieces to play with, it looks easy but grows into a great challenge that children will generally be better at than the adults. A great game.

Recommended age – 6 – adult


Dinosaur Mystic Islands
Whirligig Toys - Dinosaur Bingo 1

Get the whole family playing…

Bingosaurus – it does what it says on the box!

Featuring 48 different dinosaur cards with amazing illustrations and 8 player cards, this is a great family game. The box also comes with a book that describes each of the dinosaurs in great detail. If you are brave enough, why not play a guessing game – if you can name the dinosaur from the description, you win your turn. Be prepared to lose!

Recommended age – 6+


Build a moving model…

Whirligig are well known for our love of automata and this is a great one. With wooden pieces and string, this Pteranodon will flap its wings and fly – just not very far! A really good project to build with excellent instructions. The model can be painted and decorated in your own style – invent your own dinosaur!

Recommended age – 8+


Dinosaur Automata
Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Go in for a cuddle!

They may have ruled the world and been extremely dangerous, but dinosaurs were great big softies at heart! These large scale puppets are a great addition to any home. Being a puppet, it can also be brought to life but the sheer scale of these just makes them great to cuddle.

Recommended age – everyone! This one is called Colin.


So, dinosaurs are for ever and for everyone. How you use your child’s interests can make it a passing fad that everyone has or a springboard for all sorts of imaginative play, creative activities and the start of something that will be remembered forever.

Our top tips…

  • There are many different categories of dinosaurs which makes them great for matching, grouping and odd one out type games – try putting a herbivore in the wrong setting or making a T-Rex fly – being corrected by children makes them feel great
  • Be flexible – we don’t know everything about them and probably never will – children therefore can have their own theories and invent all sorts of backstories
  • Dinosaurs are a great source of colour – they had scales, spines, spikes, feathers (we think) – each of these need a different tone or shade – learn to draw a simple dinosaur and then go to town!
  • Love the list – on a journey, see how many you can name – put them into groups, alphabetical lists, top tens and play top trump games with them – the information is all there to be used

We hope that you and your dinosaur hunters enjoy playing with these magnificent creatures. No matter how long it lasts, dinosaurs will always be in their hearts!

There are many more dinosaur products in our shop.

We’d love to hear more about your dinosaur toys – what has worked for you?

Whirligig Toys - I Made This
Paint By Sticker - Kids Version
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