“We’re bored!” The Joy of Half Term!

‘We’re bored!’

It is a phrase that I remember all too well in my childhood, and my mother’s reaction was always to encourage us to go and make something. This would usually involve lots of us wanting to get out glue, paint, egg boxes and create a mess which would then end up not producing much more than a gloomy process of clearing up.

With half term upon us, we have been looking at some of the new crafting kits we have found and though that we would give some suggestions that will counter the cries of boredom. These are all projects that school age children will love to do, that don’t cost a fortune and won’t leave your house covered in stuff!

Let us know if you have any other suggestions.

Make a colourful picture

This is a lovely picture-making set with over 250 pompoms to stick on to pictures and create 3D effects. Simply use the glue stick and decide where the colours are going to go. With four pictures in the box, this is a great one for children to do together as they can share out the colours and create their own versions.

Play with colour

Another recent discovery is this amazing sequin art set. With simple instructions, children will learn the basics and then go on to invent their own creations – there is no right way to do this, so they can be creative and not worry about the process. The box comes with a frame so when finished, they will have something lovely to show for is.

Put on a show

With a host of superheroes and various nasty villains, this is a whole world to put together. The book opens out to create three different scenes in a carousel – just invent a story and see what happens next. If you get it working really well, there is a show booked for people to come to on Friday afternoon – spend some time working out the script!

Create a mosaic

With no glue or scissors required, this is a great way for younger children to build up colourful and sparkling pictures. Simply peel and stick the foam pieces on to three different backing boards and they will have a lovely picture that really looks like it took some care to produce. These even work in the back of the car!

Take on a challenge

These logic and thinking games have 60 levels to work through – as you progress each one gets a little more difficult, but then you also learn the patterns and how to solve them. This game involves getting the rabbits back to their burrows by jumping over mushrooms and foxes. Its a great game to take out and about in a travel box and something to really get your teeth into.

Build a dragon

This wooden automaton is a great starter pack for builders. It takes a few hours to put together but the fun is designing and painting or colouring the pieces. By the end of the week, you will have a large model that flaps its wings and looks amazing – and doesn’t have to be done all at once.

Beat the whole house

This is a game that can be learnt in a few minutes and played for hours. Great for spreading out on the carpet on a cold day, it gets everyone really involved and all ages will enjoy it.

Invent a story

Tell endless stories that have as many details as you wish to add with this interactive story box full of fairy tales and characters. Act out the story, create your own pictures to add to it or even write it down – the joy of stories is in finding out what happens next.

Travel the world

Well, may be not the whole world, but with this flick golf world game you will get a long way around. Just build all the different famous buildings from the kit and then plan a difficult course involving bridges, tunnels and obstacles. Different everytime, just flick the balls around and world and see who wins!

Top Tips for Half Term

We hope you have a relaxed and fun half term – even if it is due to be cold and damp. Here are our top tips!

  • Choose something that will get finished – it is not a long time and there are always chores to do but children love showing off the end product
  • Mix it up – children rarely do the same thing for a whole day whilst at school – think about activities lasting between 20 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the age of the child
  • Phone a friend – children are usually surrounded by lots of other people all day – half term is a great time to have fun with the child they actually want to spend time with
  • Put on a show – always good to have something to work towards – invite the neighbours or the family around at the end of the week so they can show what they have done

Have fun and remember – it is only a week!

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