We love toys and love to play with them ourselves…

Finding the right toys to put in our shops has always been the most important part of our business.

Knowing what is inside the box, the rules of the games and what makes the right challenge for each age group is really important to us. It also means we can give really good advice to ensure you get the perfect present.

To help further, we have created a range of toy reviews to show you what is inside, and also some interesting blogs that relate to what we know best. We hope they help…

Whirligig Toys - I Made This Winner

Do you have a genius in the family?

This game of speed and dexterity will determine who is on top. There are over 65,000 possible combinations to use, you just have to find the right one!

A great spatial awareness challenge and perfect for children of all ages.

Make a marvellous machine…

Perfect for exploring times gone by, this fully working catapult is based on original design by Leonardo Da Vinci.

All the pieces are pre-engineered so you can get straight on with the building. Explore how it works and alter the tensions for different impacts.

Can you travel at the speed of starlight?

A wonderful book that introducts the science behind light, colour, sound and space. Large illustrations that are fascinating to look through, combined with simple but clear explanations of the fundamental elements of our universe.

Perfect for a child who has so many questions to ask – this will get them thinking of new ones to ask as well…

Can you keep all the animals happy?

A new game from Smart Games, Happy Farmer is all about solving the problem of where to put each animal in the field.

There are cute creatures to move around, fences to position and water for everyone, if we can just work out where everything goes. 60 challenges to complete, perfect for children just getting into logic challenges.

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As well as playing with toys, we are also interested in how toys can be used to help children gather new experiences, pick up new hobbies and learn new skills.

Our toy blogs are created by former primary school teacher, and founder of Whirligig, Peter. We hope that they answer some of your questions and inspire you to think about how your children could play.

Whirligig Toys - Peter In Ballpond
Whirligig Toys - Geographics Humans2

10 ways to help your children read information books

When was the last time your child picked up an information book? Or we did? Reading has changed - there are amazing ways to accessing information. Here are 10 great tips and some practical examples of how you can use books to make reading enjoyable and fun.

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Whirligig Toys - Home School Geography

Top tips for home school geography

Does your child have a sense of wonder about the world around them? Difficult in lockdown when your world may have shrunk, but there is so much you can do to explore which is not about looking at yet another map. Have fun, go out and explore and plan an adventure...

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Stickers – a waste of time????

Stickers - children seem to love them and there are certainly many of them around. We are sure that there are probably some stuck somewhere that you would rather not have them in your house. However, stickers can be the gateway to other activities. This blog looks at the world of stickers with ideas of how to use them to move into other activities and develop their skills through this simple activity.

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Whirligig Toys - How Green Are Our Toys?

How Green Are Our Toys?

Children are mass consumers - they just go through 'stuff'! But can toys be 'green'? Whirligig Toys has been thinking about this and exploring ways that we can all help to address this issue together, whilst not denying children the opportunity to play.

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What next after Lego?

Lego is a world leader, and we know why. Amazing design, constant innovation and a great product range. But, we are often asked about what comes next... How do you capitalise on those skills and move children off into other, parallel directions? We've been looking this month and ways to take children to the next stage...

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Whirligig Toys - Children Coding

Coding for Children – What is it all about?

Coding for children - everyone is talking about it and most of us are confused. Not something we did at school - or is it? How can we get involved and support what the school is doing? We've been looking at toys and which ones use coding type skills - without having to spend all our play time on the computer. See what you think.

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Just what is STEM? Is it fun?

We have all heard the terms and been told how important they are, but what do they mean. We've been investigating toys and games that give children STEM skills whilst they are having fun and brought some of them together for you to look through. See what you think..

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Great Ways to Get Children Crafting

Crafting - something that adults enjoy as a hobby or an essential part of all our childhoods? Both of course, but how do you get children started? Here are some great tips and ideas on ways of involving children and giving them experiences that can kick start a lifelong passion.

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Building Toys

Building Toys – Creative Play that reaches for the sky!

Building Toys - from the earliest blocks we stack together to the intricate models that we create to investigate how the world works. Children love seeing things grow almost as much as they love to knock them down - but how do we get them hooked and wanted to investigate more and more...

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We Love Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs Rule!

For many of you, dinosaurs rule are very much part of every day life. Whilst you may not spot them from the bus, they are there at bedtime, you house may be full of them and like many of us, you are probably still trying to remember which one is which. For many children, the dinosaur obsession is also the first time that they really learn and remember a set of facts with an amazing capacity to recall them, in great detail! We have been thinking about how we can make the most of our dinosaur friends.

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