Where do you find these creative toys?

It’s a question we get asked on a regular basis – we are so pleased that you noticed our unique range!

The answer is that we seek out smaller, more independent toy companies to work with that are not on the general high street.

We can’t stand empty boxes that you open and then throw away!

All our toys engage the children who play with them, and we get to play with them too!

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And yes, there are toy fairs to attend too!

We love to investigate and find wonderful ideas and these are a great place to see the whole range of toys.

We like to think that we are your personal toy researchers – well, someone has to do it!

There are some key companies that we have a wonderful relationship with, find out more about them below:


With their wonderful sense of style and colour, Djeco are a innovative French company who create really memorable arts and crafts and games for children across the age group. We love their clear instructions, their commitment to using top quality children’s artists and the way that the toys appeal to such a wide range of children.

Whirligig Toys Partner Djeco
Whirligig Toys - Djeco Flamboyant 1
Whirligig Toys - Djeco Foil Fireflies 1
Whirligig Toys I Made This Mosaic Butterfly
Whirligig Toys - Djeco Polyssimo 1
Whilrligig Toys Partner Timberkits


Based in Wales, Sarah from Timberkits is an amazing designer and builder of wooden automata – clever machines that turn and move to make everyone smile. We have been delighted by their kits that decorate all our windows. The kits are suitable for 9-90 year olds, so big children often like them as well! If you want to give a great present that the child will never forget building, Timberkits are a firm favourite!

Whirligig Toys - Timberkits Rocket 1
Drummer 3D Wooden Puzzle
Whirligig Toys - I Made This Automata
Whirligig Toys - Timberkits Dragon 1

Laurence King

Actually a book publisher, Laurence King are responsible for some of our most iconic games and gorgeous titles. The quality of the illustration is always amazing, with so much care put into the play value of each product. We love their family games that everyone wants to join in with, the detail in every piece of writing and the overall care they take. An amazing range.

Whirligig Toys Partner Laurence King
Whirligig Toys Bird Bingo
Whirligig Toys - I Saw It First Jungle 1
Whirligig Toys - Wonder Women 1
Whirligig Toys - Professor Astro Frontiers1
Whirligig Toys Partner Clockwork Soldier

Clockwork Soldier

One man design team, Rob, started out about the same time as we did. Over the years he has build a portfolio of stunning products that get children making with no fuss. Great designs with good information and toys that children really want to play with. We love his ideas – they make great presents!

Whirligig Toys - T-Rex Head 1
Whirligig Toys - Unicorn Head 1
Whirligig Toys I Made This T-Rex Head
Whirligig Toys - Pet Puppets 2

Smart Games

With their innovative range of logic and thinking games, Smart Games brings us a huge range of single player games that really make you think. With games starting at 2 year olds and others that very much go to the adult level, each game has a sequence of challenges, building in difficulty. Great for travelling with and with a perfect guarantee of replacement pieces if required, these make really good presents!

Whirligig Toys - Smart Games
Whirligig Toys - Geosmart UFO 1
Whirligig Toys - IQ Puzzler Pro 1
Whirligig Toys - Jump In 3
Whirligig Toys - Bunny Boo 1

And there are so many more that we could talk about. It really is the best part of our job.

We specialise in ‘things to make and do’ – creative toys that really matter in a child’s development, but at the same time, great fun to play with.

If you think that we should know about a toy that you love, please share – we love to discover! Also, if you want to be the first to see the new discoveries, sign up to our free newsletter.

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Toys fairs are not all hard work!

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