Whirligig Toys in the community

As your local toy shop, we love being involved in children’s activities that happen near our shops. Here are some of the things we have been up to recently…

Whirligig Toys Tunbridge Wells Lantern Parade

Tunbridge Wells Lantern Parade

Whirligig Chichester Toyshop

Racing in Chichester

Whirligig Chichester Toyshop

Science lessons in a local school

Whirligig Canterbury Toyshop

Family funday in Canterbury

Brighton Science Festival

We were delighted to team up with Sarah Reast from Timberkits to put on children’s science workshops in the science festival – we introduced children to cams and linkages and got some amazing creations back from them.

Exploring Kent

They even let us out once in a while.

Here are lots of our team members exploring Leeds Castle in Kent – a Christmas treat for the team.

If you have a community event that you think Whirligig should be part of, just let us know at:


We regularly support school and community groups by donating prizes for fund raisers, just come and ask us to be involved.